MUR_2119 ª®¯¨ï.jpg

is a bold attempt to imbue the reality with meaning

looking into the notion of fear, power and social attitudes

devoid of judgement

rendered by subdued tones, functional fabrics and enounced silhouettes


Let’s take a journey into social discourse with WIC


Having inverted the category of aftereffect and re-articulating the quasi-negative notion of doubt, WIC emerges in the form of a WIC SAFER



SAFER is a garment that embodies a malleable concept of safety and determination that might morph into fear and uncertainty when affected by adversity.

Directly and metaphorically, WIC SAFERS empower you to go out into the rain and get wet, since no bad weather can stop you from making a splash.


There is no need to strive for acceptance and wait for favourable environment.


Censure can be denaturing.

Finding the truth is not easy.

Staying true to your intrinsic nature is essential.